Love yourself

Love yourself, amaze yourself , and try to be the best version of yourself each day , everyday.

No one is perfect .. but the definition of perfection is open to interpretation isn’t it?

If there is one thing that I’ve learnt over the last few years it’s this :

It is next to impossible to fit in to everybody’s definition of perfection.So the choice was mine to make.. whether to kill myself trying to please everyone or be the best version of myself and love my perfect imperfections.

This does not mean that I encourage complacency but just that I needn’t beat myself up about every little thing

I still continue to identify the things I do not adore about myself or my life, and try one of the following

Make it better– I cherish the fact that it’s not too late and I can still make things better. So here’s my advice : Don’t wait.Do it now. At least start.

Be it burying the hatchet with your best friend, or hitting the gym because your cholesterol is through the roof, or asking the love of your life for forgiveness.

Forgive yourself– I try to forgive myself for lying to the man I love, or yelling at my mother after she had the worst day at work

Its not easy to let go of this baggage. I still cry when nobody is looking. But I do know I need to forgive myself and be the person I would have wanted to be in those moments of imperfections

Embrace life and yourself – Not everything will always be as planned. You will not always have your dream job or dream house or dream car

You will not always look how you did in your prime.

Will it drive you crazy some days? Maybe. But you have a choice to either sit and feel sorry for yourself or be grateful for all that you have and enjoy the gift of life

My father always says that it’s the simple things in life that give limitless joy – the things that we often forget to sit back and enjoy

A long walk with the one you love, laughing till your stomach hurts reminiscing your childhood days with friends, going on picnics with your kids or browsing though photo albums on that occasional Sunday

So let’s try to live in every moment and enjoy it for what it is

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