Find your voice

A lack of respect for authority is often interpreted as a lack of respect at all..

I often wonder – if there wasn’t ever any kind of defiance of established authority – be it religious, secular, social or political ; would we have evolved as a society at all ?

There is no doubting the fact that there is so much untapped potential in the youth today. But in certain societies there is also a generation from 60 ears ago pulling them back

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a rebel and do have immense respect for authority. So in that sense I am quite the opposite.

But do I often ache to have the freedom to express my views openly without offending authority? Yes.

It’s unfair for every next generation to be labelled as “lost” or “disrespectful” and in many ways wrong to conclude that distrust of authority characterizes only the younger generation.

For instance – Parents may not trust the authority of a teacher or a relative to discipline their child.

Today, people across age groups at some point or the other have viewed some kind of authority with distrust, maybe even contempt. – be it the state, the police , the workplace and the list goes on

Then why label a generation ?

Does this mean that no authority can be trusted? If exercised properly, authority can be used to enable and empower everybody .

So RESPECT to authority that does not stifle creativity and empowers us to be more liberated and progressive

Cheers guys! Have a great day ahead

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