What is love

Different people have different versions of what love is. Most describe it as a feeling or an emotion associated with certain behaviours.

I for one have now come to believe that love is a decision.

A decision to commit. A decision not to give up. A decision to work things out. A decision not to leave things up to fate but to pursue the happiness that the relationship brings to you.

I used to believe that love is a mushy feeling of butterflies in your stomach and skipping a heartbeat every time you laid eyes on that special someone – but I guess that’s the falling in love part

Falling in love could be a feeling.

But you see the thing about feelings is that they are here today and gone tomorrow. Today I feel I like having pizza and tomorrow I don’t

Many a times we confuse the idea of falling in love with true love

You see, when we are falling in love, It’s a passive act. We don’t have to do much. Everything comes naturally.And hence we start to expect love to be just that – to happen

True love is what comes after the falling part

True love is a lot of hard work. Take losing weight for example. You know what you need to do to lose weight. You will not always feel like working out, or sticking to a diet and it will not always easy or enjoyable

Love is the same. It’s a choice.

There will be times when you’d rather be selfish, do your own thing – but then in these moments you make a decision: do I choose to love or not? And once you answer this question, you’re committed and you stick to your decisions despite the obstacles.

Many a times when my husband and I are in a fight I tell him “it shouldn’t be this difficult” , “ it should be effortless “

But life is not all fair weather then how can love be. Just like you hit obstacles in your life – be it work, traveling, buying a house, you will hit obstacles with your partner, too. But how why are we are ready to overcome them in any other area of our lives but love? How come when it comes to relationships the moment we experience difficulties we consider giving up? We don’t quit our jobs if we make a mistake. Why quit relationships

When I fell in love with my husband ,God gave me a very precious gift.

But there is one thing that most of us tend to ignore. It’s what’s written on the gift box that reads: Fragile. So fall in love – accept the beautiful gift – and decide to take care of it. Don’t neglect it or kick it around. Chose to handle with care and love – and fix it if you start to see some wear and tear


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