Don’t be “normal” Be you

Most of us have an intense desire to feel accepted. This need has been hard wired in us ever since we were little. And this results in almost all our life’s decisions and choices to be driven by the predefined standards of normality or acceptability within society.
We have been conditioned to believe that “normal” means going through the traditional education system, working 9-to-5 jobs, getting married in our 20s, having children when we’re young and growing old gradually.
Home-schooling, marrying late, not having children and reverse aging are considered abnormal by a lot of people even today.
We come to realise that the easiest way to feel normal is to fit in , and conform. 
The trouble is that by trying so hard to be someone else’s version of normal ( which by the way can take up a lot of energy) we lose a part of ourselves. We deny ourselves and others the privilege of experiencing our uniqueness.
The concept of normality is more a subjective than objective . What is normal to one person may be abnormal to another. 
Now just for the record by abnormal in this blog I don’t mean to encourage making negative lifestyle choices like drug addiction – I mean for us to feel empowered and rise above the stereotype of normality
It was once suggested that abnormal means ab(ove)normal, but this is not referring to superiority or higher intelligence ; it just means being able to take the road less traveled.
By trying hard to be “normal” we limit ourselves to the ordinary – why not instead embrace ourselves and strive for the extra ordinary.
So stop being a wallflower and stop trying so hard to go unnoticed .
Don’t worry if people call you weird, strange or crazy just because you are being true to yourself.
Realise that your life is valuable. It holds potential for greatness. Don’t let it slip into mediocrity by choosing to live it like everyone else.
It is not a worthy trade.
Cheers and hope you enjoyed reading . Happy Diwali , Happy Gurupurab and Happy Thanksgiving 😊

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