You are a part of me

When I look into your eyes .. I don’t see perfection. I don’t see a fairytale. What I do see is someone who will fight for me and protect me and love me no matter what.

You know my darkest secrets .. you’ve seen me at my worst .. you know I’m far from perfect .. even a wreck most times .. but you love me anyway

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve hugged me tight , you’ve wiped my tears , you’ve picked me up when I fell and you’ve applauded when I succeeded

You are a promise that I need no one else as long as I have you I need no one else – you are my best friend forever

And although you and I are unsure about most little and big things in life I am certain that we love each other and will continue to forever .. no matter what

And right now …. I would do anything to have you bury your head in my chest and snuggle up to you

Entangle my fingers and legs in yours .. tell you not to stare at me ..

Tell you not to talk to me .. but when u don’t ask you why you’re not talking. Crib and take out my frustration on you

I would do anything to just be able to have you next to me right now

Who are you … And why are you here ?

As a baby blogger (grinning from ear to ear calling myself one) ; I wanted this post to be about who I am and why I started blogging.

Some Background

I have been working with some of the biggest global MNCs for the last 6 years now. I started when I was just a 22 year old girl fresh out of my Master’s and have gone full speed ahead in the career of my choice, ever since.

Two years ago, I got married. This didn’t deter my career at all. I couldn’t have asked for anything more – the most supportive in-laws , and a husband so amazing that I could have only dreamt of.. Nevertheless,life changed. Overnight

Marriage is quite like a stock market . Two families and the two partners come together and invest in a new family – their time, attention and many more resources. And just like there’s always a risk of stocks going up or down, marriage brings with it at times, the unexpected.

Now let me try to tie my life story back to blogging.

The idea to write crossed my mind for the first time probably a year ago.

Sometimes driven by the need to express a point of view and sometimes just an urge to share excerpts from my life for the greater good. But every time life would take over and blogging would hit the back burner.

Finally 4 days ago, with the luxury of time on my side , I downloaded the WordPress app and typed my first post.

To be honest, I found it liberating and gratifying to say the least.

You will find that my blogs – at least to start with would be a window to my thoughts – an outlet of creativity, of opinions and hopefully sometimes provide something useful to somebody, somewhere.

I am not a writer and my posts may not be literary marvels but I do promise you one thing – that my posts will be full of heart.

So I want to thank you – for accepting me as part of this community with open arms and joining me in this journey.

Happy weekend guys! I look forward to reading some great posts from all of you .


Find your voice

A lack of respect for authority is often interpreted as a lack of respect at all..

I often wonder – if there wasn’t ever any kind of defiance of established authority – be it religious, secular, social or political ; would we have evolved as a society at all ?

There is no doubting the fact that there is so much untapped potential in the youth today. But in certain societies there is also a generation from 60 ears ago pulling them back

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a rebel and do have immense respect for authority. So in that sense I am quite the opposite.

But do I often ache to have the freedom to express my views openly without offending authority? Yes.

It’s unfair for every next generation to be labelled as “lost” or “disrespectful” and in many ways wrong to conclude that distrust of authority characterizes only the younger generation.

For instance – Parents may not trust the authority of a teacher or a relative to discipline their child.

Today, people across age groups at some point or the other have viewed some kind of authority with distrust, maybe even contempt. – be it the state, the police , the workplace and the list goes on

Then why label a generation ?

Does this mean that no authority can be trusted? If exercised properly, authority can be used to enable and empower everybody .

So RESPECT to authority that does not stifle creativity and empowers us to be more liberated and progressive

Cheers guys! Have a great day ahead

Love yourself

Love yourself, amaze yourself , and try to be the best version of yourself each day , everyday.

No one is perfect .. but the definition of perfection is open to interpretation isn’t it?

If there is one thing that I’ve learnt over the last few years it’s this :

It is next to impossible to fit in to everybody’s definition of perfection.So the choice was mine to make.. whether to kill myself trying to please everyone or be the best version of myself and love my perfect imperfections.

This does not mean that I encourage complacency but just that I needn’t beat myself up about every little thing

I still continue to identify the things I do not adore about myself or my life, and try one of the following

Make it better– I cherish the fact that it’s not too late and I can still make things better. So here’s my advice : Don’t wait.Do it now. At least start.

Be it burying the hatchet with your best friend, or hitting the gym because your cholesterol is through the roof, or asking the love of your life for forgiveness.

Forgive yourself– I try to forgive myself for lying to the man I love, or yelling at my mother after she had the worst day at work

Its not easy to let go of this baggage. I still cry when nobody is looking. But I do know I need to forgive myself and be the person I would have wanted to be in those moments of imperfections

Embrace life and yourself – Not everything will always be as planned. You will not always have your dream job or dream house or dream car

You will not always look how you did in your prime.

Will it drive you crazy some days? Maybe. But you have a choice to either sit and feel sorry for yourself or be grateful for all that you have and enjoy the gift of life

My father always says that it’s the simple things in life that give limitless joy – the things that we often forget to sit back and enjoy

A long walk with the one you love, laughing till your stomach hurts reminiscing your childhood days with friends, going on picnics with your kids or browsing though photo albums on that occasional Sunday

So let’s try to live in every moment and enjoy it for what it is