You are a part of me

When I look into your eyes .. I don’t see perfection. I don’t see a fairytale. What I do see is someone who will fight for me and protect me and love me no matter what.

You know my darkest secrets .. you’ve seen me at my worst .. you know I’m far from perfect .. even a wreck most times .. but you love me anyway

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve hugged me tight , you’ve wiped my tears , you’ve picked me up when I fell and you’ve applauded when I succeeded

You are a promise that I need no one else as long as I have you I need no one else – you are my best friend forever

And although you and I are unsure about most little and big things in life I am certain that we love each other and will continue to forever .. no matter what

And right now …. I would do anything to have you bury your head in my chest and snuggle up to you

Entangle my fingers and legs in yours .. tell you not to stare at me ..

Tell you not to talk to me .. but when u don’t ask you why you’re not talking. Crib and take out my frustration on you

I would do anything to just be able to have you next to me right now